Ships Log – Tuesday 6th April 2010 – Brewers Bay – Lindbergh Bay St.Thomas

Missed out on our swim today, we were all so tired, we have to move the boat to help Jeff get to the airport, we thought that Brewer’s Bay would get him there easily, but apparently he has a 20 minute walk, so we decided to go to the next bay.

After breakfast Jeff cleaned off the small dinghy, ready to stow it away, then we hauled it up on deck to dry. We then decided to up anchor, well that was a job and a half, it was all twisted around the second chain, and it took both of them to clear it, we will miss Jeff when he has gone.

We motored around the corner, only a couple of miles, we can still watch the planes, coming and going, although it is a lot noisier from this bay. They have a huge hotel in the corner of the bay, and one end has what looks like the gas works, and the other has the airport, I would like to see the advertisement for the Hotel!

Geoff and I went for a snorkel, although we could not see much as the waters were really not clear, I guess too much wind around, it is a shame, because we caught sight of some big fish.

Jeff finished the dinghy off, and between the three of us, we put it in the locker in forward cabin, not likely to use it again, before Spain.

Geoff and Jeff decided to pull the chain right out, as it kept sticking, only to find a piece of canvas had caught up in it, and was jamming the links, so they took all the chain out, they scrubbed the chain, and the locker, and rinsed it all off, another job done.

I cooked chicken for dinner, and we had a bottle of wine, to thank Jeff for all his help on the boat, he has been really useful, and hopefully he has enjoyed his stay with us. We will be following his progress across the Atlantic, maybe even meet up in the Azores.

We left Jeff struggling to pack his bags, and had an early night, as we were all shattered after last night.

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