Ships Log – Wednesday 21st April 2010 – Brewer’s Bay, St.Thomas

We didn’t get up that early, but when we did, straight in the water for a swim, it is so relaxing here, we both love it. We put the generator on, before we went into the water, when we came out we noticed it was not working properly. We switched it off, and then gloom set in, but we had breakfast first, and hopefully Geoff sorts it, after that.

Fill generator up with fuel, and cross fingers, well it seems to work, it seems to have settled down again, we think because it is a bit roly, and fuel was low, it was not getting its full whack, anyway it seems to be ok now, so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

We go into water again, and just mess around on noodles, we had some lunch, then I decided to clean the bottom of boat, so Geoff tied some rope up, and with both of us in the dinghy we worked around the boat, all the green is now gone, we polished some marks out, so she is looking good again.

Another swim, it is very hot today, then Geoff starts making bread, it is funny, he hates getting his fingers messy, I was not supposed to be helping him today, but I did pour more flour over to try to get his fingers clear. Whilst waiting for the bread, I did emails and Geoff read; we had cocktails to celebrate that I have a new tenant, who wants to move in ASAP. Geoff prepared bread for cooking; he made some rolls and one loaf, everything looking good so far.

We played some dominoes, and stopped one game all, to try the rolls, and they were lovely, what a result, we took bread out later, and it is looking good for breakfast in the morning.

Having been beaten 4-1 decided to go and drown myself, so we skinny dipped round the boat which was good fun, lovely way to finish a day, think we should act our age, but hey why change now.

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