Ships Log – Tuesday 20th April 2010 – Brewer’s Bay, St.Thomas

Well isn’t it lovely to be able to get out of bed, after the daily cuppa, and go for a swim, I love it, on with the snorkel gear, and off we go, we went round in a big circle, didn’t matter that it was raining, we were getting wet anyway. We saw turtles, stingrays, and lots of others, we just love the fact you can watch nature. Under the water the fish are doing their thing, and above the pelicans and frigate birds, are watching and waiting, they dive head first, and it seems they always get their fish, amazing.

Most of the morning it rained, we were trying to work out the food costs, but not possible until we get some more fresh food, but we did all the receipts, and Geoff has logged them down in his computer.

In the afternoon the sun came out, and we went for another swim, this time to shore, where we sat on the beach, and just let the water cover us, so relaxing, it is like being on holiday.

In the evening we played crib, I got beaten thoroughly, just cannot seem to win at crib, so we will play dominoes tomorrow.

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