Ships Log – Monday 19th April 2010 – St.Thomas Harbour – Brewer’s Bay

Up early having trouble sleeping, will be glad when flat is sorted, still at least my tenant has moved out now, just need to get new ones in. We had an early breakfast, then over to the internet, for Geoff to get the news, he is worried that his crew will not get out, due to the Volcano, but as I said, if they cannot come out, nor can the organizers so it will be delayed, I am sure it will be sorted by next week. Back on board, we tidied everything away, and Geoff started to take up the anchor, we always knew it would be difficult, because of the times, we were going round in circles, but Geoff really struggled, the problem is with two chains, they wrapped themselves round each other, so Geoff could not lift them, we finally got away, and went into the marina for water, whilst Geoff was filling tanks, I nipped to supermarket for fresh milk and some vegetables, the trouble with this place is everything is shipped in, which makes it mega expensive.

We left the marina, and headed west, to Brewer’s Bay, last time we were there, the anchor slipped, so hopefully it will not do it today. Only three miles down the coast, I couldn’t be bothered to put the sails out, so we motored, not much wind anyway, and we needed to charge the batteries, will save the generator going on.

We arrived at lunchtime, so we had lunch, then Geoff played with his computer, trying to work out the cost of the food, we have all the receipts, although we still need to buy fresh, when we are in Ports, it is difficult trying to work out enough food for 60 odd days, and also you are limited with no freezer etc., tin meat hard to come by, unless you fancy dog food, so we have struggled a bit, still we have almost finished now, and they can top up in Bermuda, Azores, and Portugal, so not a problem.

We then went for a swim, didn’t see many fish, although Geoff saw five stingrays, we saw a shoal of fish, being chased by Pelican’s that was interesting. Not sure how the Pelican survives, when he dives from a great height, into the water, gets his fish, and out again,

Apart from the occasional plane landing and taking off, it is very peaceful here, and it is good to be away from the hustle and bustle of the main town.

We had a cuppa and a chocolate tea cake that I had made, then just relaxed in the peace and quiet, in the evening I had a go at making pancakes, dried milk, dried mix, just add water, still some of them were lovely. Geoff watched a film; I went to bed early to catch up with my sleep.

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