Ships Log – Sunday 18th April 2010 – St.Thomas Bay

Lazy morning did some tidying and cleaning, washing etc., then went into town, we are leaving tomorrow, so we need some provisions before we go. We did internet so that Geoff could get the results of F1, which seemed to be a good race, then went to Gourmet Gallery, where we managed to pick some nice things up for the next few days.

Back to boat, generator on to cook roast dinner, then cocktails were taken on the patio, we planned our next few days, and booked a marina to go into at the end, because where Geoff is leaving from, we cannot get in until 3/5.

Had a bottle of wine with lunch, then had a lazy afternoon, in the evening we played both crib and dominoes, but we came out all squares at the end of it.

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