Ships Log – Thursday 22nd April 2010 – Brewer’s Bay St.Thomas

Wake up to a lovely day again, no wind, and I think it is going to be hot. We take a snorkel around the bay before breakfast, then we have Geoff’s bread toasted, it was lovely, no yeast taste, he is really chuffed.

Straight after breakfast we go for another dip, it is going to be one of those days. I go on internet, to sort my tenant out, not a pleasant man, he is a bully, still we have agreed on a release fee, and he will hopefully go away now. I can move onto the next one now, who hopefully is more reasonable.

We spend most of the day, going in and out of the water, I get lunch and straight after go for another snorkel, this time I saw loads of turtles, some stingrays, and a shoal of fish, which could be whitebait, thousands of them dancing along. I am so intrigued with the underwater scene, I just love it. Geoff is studying the Pelicans and the Frigate birds, and some we just do not recognize.

The bay is lovely so relaxing, and the water is so clear, at 7metres, we can see the bottom, we can watch the turtles coming up and diving again, we were only staying here for two nights, we have already been here three, this will be our fourth, with no plans yet to move on.

I have started polishing the top of boat now, and Geoff is putting the fender carriers back on, I took them off, because they are so ugly, but we need the space, so they have to go back on.

First it starts spitting with rain, then we had a downpour, the good this is it has cleared the air a bit, Geoff finishes the fender carriers off, but it was too wet to do anymore polishing.

Played crib, and I actually won, so I am chuffed again, thought I was losing my knack. Managed to get sunburn on my back, so a bit uncomfortable, too much snorkeling.

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