Ships Log – Thursday 15th April 2010 – St.Thomas Harbour

Alarm went off about 2am, so that Geoff could wish Mark a ‘Happy Birthday’ before he went off to work, hope he had a good day, not too much work.

We had our breakfast, then I continued with the clearing away of the debris, getting there, if I see another cereal bar, I shall tell you what to do with it. All stacked nicely away, we are wandering what we are going to do with the next lot!

Over the last few days, hundreds of sea gulls, have arrived, never seen them before, I know why now, the weather had deteriated, and is very windy. I wonder if there is a connection.

We had the generator on for two hours, to catch up with the amps, batteries a bit low, soon piled in, and we were back to normal, I even managed to do the ironing, the DVD takes quite a bit out of batteries.

Onto internet, have some problems with my flat, as the tenant is leaving, so have to make sure that is ok, will know more tomorrow.

Back on board, I showed Geoff how to make bread, it was quite fun, he hates getting his fingers dirty, and although it was not dirt, it was messy, so funny to watch. I showed him how to knead the bread, and the result was brilliant, we have two perfect loaves, not good for the figure. Now have to go back to shop to buy flour and yeast, hope the others make it too.

The winds are now quite strong, and we are all going in different directions, one of the boats in front of us, has pulled some of his anchor up, as we nearly touched at one point, his stern to our bows, looks weird, it is like being in a washing machine, back and forward, hopefully the anchor will stay put overnight. Seagulls have become really noisy now, very eerie. Have put the dinghy on the side, as a big fender, fingers crossed! The sky went very black, and some more sudden gusts, off we go again, I hate funfairs, so this is doing my head in.

Geoff put on the last 24 hour disc, we were up and down like yoyo’s checking the boat, but we managed to finish another series, have to buy the next one now. We survived the night without any dramas although I am very tired.

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