Ships Log – Friday 16th April 2010 – St.Thomas Harbour

We were both up and down at various times, boat still holding her position, even though we are on the magic roundabout, Zebedee went to sleep hours ago, why can’t we!

Made a cuppa, but in no rush to get up, we had fresh bread for breakfast, makes a change from cereals, we are both chuffed at how the bread turned out.

We were going to leave today, but at the last minute decided to stay the week-end and let the weather settle, we know the anchor is holding, so why push our luck. So I cleaned round with hover, whilst Geoff cooked the lasagna for dinner tonight.

Decided to go to town, to get some odds and sods, it was lovely to go out, and not have to struggle back with provisions, although I think we will be doing more tomorrow. We strolled through the marina, and onto Kmart, bought new bread tins, and we bought an adapter for IPod, forgot to bring ours, so we now have all our music playing through the speakers it is lovely, just like home. Sometimes I miss it, and other times, I think not a bad life we have on board, it is only when we have bad nights, I think about my 6’6 bed at home.

We had sherry on the terrace, (cockpit) then a bottle of red wine, with one of Geoff’s lasagna, it was lovely, we had the music on in the background, the wind has dropped a bit, so all in all a good night, especially as I beat Geoff 4-1 at dominoes.

We then watched Sharpe, but I fell asleep in the middle, not so exciting as 24.

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