Ships Log – Thursday 14th April 2010 – St. Thomas Harbour

Nothing much happened today, Geoff went over to the internet again, left me trying to sort out where all the food is going to be stored. When he eventually came back we went shopping for another load, we came back, and then I suggested having lunch out and going again, to hopefully finish it. Our cabin was a mess anyway, I had stripped the bed, to store stuff under, if we can sort it and pack it, we will not have to do it again, or at least I will not anyway.

So off we went to Hooters, which is I guess an American quick food outlet, the girls run around in hot pants, and t/shirts, and they serve chicken, & beef burgers, etc., KFC with a difference, prefer KFC.

We then did the supermarket, Geoff’s card was refused, so not sure why, he must have overspent, good job I was there. We take the trolley to Dinghy Park; I load it, whilst Geoff takes the trolley back, then back to the boat to unload. Then find a spot for it, which is not an easy task. The cupboard is full to overflowing, and now, under our bed is full, we still have the forward cabin, with a locker free, but we have all the water to go yet.

Made the bed, had a shower, then watched 24, I am shattered, half way through one episode we heard a big bang, we thought we had hit something, I ran up with the key, expecting the worse, it was as calm could be, no one near us, we were still in the same position. The only thing we can think it was, is one of the big windows dropped back, and we were so engrossed in the DVD, it sounded worse than it was. Time for some sleep.

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