Ships Log – Monday 12th April 2010 – St. Thomas’s Harbour

My whole body aches, first time for a long time, still the joys of old age, and keep taking the pills! Decided not to do much today, but rest, we had breakfast then went off to internet, we had a lovely walk through the gardens. The internet was on a go slow, so it was difficult to get things done, plus Geoff somehow seemed to lose everything, so another quick SOS to Martin, thank goodness he sorted it.

Back to the boat for lunch, we had halibut, but as delicate as it was, not very tasty, plus it was very expensive, so will not be buying that again.

After lunch we had some fellow Westerly owners come aboard, they have just arrived, they came over in a 36’ it took them 28 days, apparently no wind, and I would have gone mad. We had a cup of tea with them, and then we went shopping, this time to Kmart, well when we came out of the shop, we were wondering how we were going to get it back, we had packs of toilet rolls x 36, paper towels, cereals, all bulky stuff, fortunately not too much heavy stuff, our arms must have stretched six inches. Still into the dinghy and back on board, we have started the buying for the trip.

We had another cuppa, and Geoff took some pills for his shoulder, and I took some for my bones, after tea, we went and lay down on the bed and watched some more 24.

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