Ships Log – Sunday 21st March 2010 – Red Hook Bay St.Thomas – St.Thomas Bay

Lazy morning, Geoff and I went for a swim, but it was very choppy with the ferries coming and going all the time. Lots of turtles coming to the surface for air, and going down, could be the same one, but I don’t think so.

We left Red Hook, and decided to have a little sail for Brian’s last day, so we went right out of all the Islands, and had a lovely sail back into the harbour we first met them, we did about 10 miles, the wind was just right, and it was very comfortable.

We went into the harbour, to re-fuel, take on water etc., then came on anchor. Brian and Robina went off for their last look around town, whilst we tidied up, got changed ready to go out.

Jeff took us all across in the dinghy, and we walked to French Town, it is Sunday so most places were shut, which is a shame, we found a little one and had starters of conk fritters, potatoes skins, mozzarella cheese sticks, and jerk chicken wings, for main we had steaks, which were very tasty. Think we have eaten too much.

Back on boat we had drinks, and then tired out, we all went to bed, Robina has to pack yet.

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