Ships Log – Saturday 20th March 2010 – Leimester Bay St.John’s Red Hook Bay St.Thomas

Instead of swimming around the boat we went for a snorkel, I swam to shore, which was quite a way, the waters are so clear here, with lots of fish around, the only problem is, if a pelican sees a fish he dives, and you could be really close, not sure how they do it, fascinating to watch, they dive from a great height, and then sit on the water to eat there fish, it’s a wonder they don’t break their necks. On the way back I saw two stingrays,

After breakfast, we left to go to Cruz Bay St.John’s, just to show Robina and Brian the capital, it is a very small Island with only about 4000 inhabitants. We tried to anchor in the harbour, but I said it was too shallow 1.8metrs, we draw 2.1m, so we went to the bay outside, and dinghy in, long way to go, and Brian got wet.

Geoff and I had a quick look at the town, it is very small, and then we had some lunch overlooking the sea, which was lovely. Then we met back with Jeff who was on his computer, then when Robina and Brian turned up, back to the boat.

We quickly got sorted and let go off the buoy and onto St.Thomas, just as we were leaving the bay, the biggest turtle I have seen yet, came up, looked around and went down again.

Arriving at Red Hook we were going to take up a buoy, but a local said some of them are not safe, so we anchored, it is a bit roly poly, as the ferries are running back and forth, but other than that it is ok.

Robina and Brian went into town with Jeff to look for the Iguana’s, we said we had seen some there last year, all they saw was the grass that they should have been on with food waiting. Hopefully tomorrow they will see them.

Back on the boat, Geoff had cooked corned beef hash, it was lovely and tasty, and no one left any. Jeff cleared up, whilst we played crib, five games to decide who the champions were, first two games went to Robina and Brian, then we won two, the decider, it was right down to the last game, and they won, by scoring first. Geoff obviously taught them well.

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