Ships Log – Monday 22nd March 2010 – St. Thomas’s Bay

Everyone up early, as Robina and Brian were leaving today, we had breakfast by 7.30am, then Jeff took them over in the dinghy, so they could get a taxi, no room for us to go with two big bags, and three people. Thanks for the lovely card, and I hope you really enjoyed your stay with us.

Back to work now, we have to get the boat ship shape for the crossing; we are both tired today, as we had a sleepless night, with the rocking and rolling, so it is a planning day. Geoff and Jeff went to big supermarket, to re-stock with food; I stayed aboard and did the washing ironing, and cleaning.

We are going to hire a car tomorrow, to get odds and ends we need for boat, then move to a quieter area, we are in the path of the ferries where we are anchored, so a lot of movement on board.

We had an early dinner, and then played dominoes, Geoff won 2-1, but we were very close all the time.

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