Ships Log – Tuesday 23rd March 2010 – St. Thomas Bay

Didn’t start very early, as we are not going anywhere, feel lazy and did not swim either, the sea is very choppy, and I had a bad night.

We had breakfast altogether, and Geoff wanted to go to internet to do his bits, as he could not get it very well on boat, he has a lot of forms to do for the ARC, and for the crew members. I cleared out one of the cupboards, to take some of the food Geoff has bought for the trip, and I emptied one of the lockers under the forward cabin, ready to start the storage process of the food, did some more washing and ironing, and generally kept busy.

Geoff came back with two pizzas, which were lovely for lunch, and then Jeff exasperated with the internet went to the café, to see if he could do better there.

Geoff and I measured the generator, so that we can cover it, made lists of what we want to buy tomorrow, took bits of, so that we can take them with me, we want to try and source all the things we need in one day. Should be fun!

We had roast chicken with roast potatoes, and vegetables, chicken and mince are the main diet out here, so it’s a bit repetitive.

We played dominoes, Geoff won easily the first game, and I thought he was going to do the same on the second, but I managed to just beat him, we then won another each, then I emerged as the overall winner. We then had a game with Jeff, we prized him away from his computer, and Geoff won.

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