Ships Log – Saturday 27 March 2010 – Red Hook Bay St.Thomas

Up early, quick breakfast, then into the dinghy to try our luck at the local bus system. We went into the local chandlery, which was not very good, and they told us to go to Budget, and where to catch the local bus (Safari). We waited outside the chandlery, and sure enough came an open bus, not the top, just the sides, we were minding our own business, and noticed we had passed the Budget shop, quick ring of the bell, bought the bus to a stop, and off we popped, he charged us 2$ each, we found out later it should have only be 1$, good luck to him, it still cheaper than hiring a car. We found lots of the bits we wanted, and asked the lady how we got to Home Depot; again we wait by the side of the road, until another Safari came along. We hopped on, and fortunately a lady heard us asking if it went to Home Depot, and she told us where to get off. We walked up the hill, and there in front of us, could have been B & Q, same colours, same overalls, same everything. We found what we wanted, some wood to put the generator on, but they would not cut the bit any smaller, so I suggested we got a taxi back, after all we had saved 100$. So we walked back down the hill, with this wood, when a bus came a long, it stopped and we jumped on, wood and all. We then got back to the Marina for a total of 4$, so with all our savings, we had some lunch at Molly Malone’s.

Back to the boat, after some shopping and internet, then we went for a swim, I cooked dinner, then we all had an early night as we were shattered, the heat got to us a bit today.

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