Ships Log – Sunday 28th March 2010 – Red Hook Bay St.Thomas

Geoff and I swam to shore this morning, then walked around to the next bay, to have a look at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, very posh, we then swam back, feel better now, lots of fish to look at on route, and very refreshing first thing in the morning. Jeff had also been snorkeling.

We then had breakfast, and started our jobs; Jeff fixed the stern shower, and hose, with the new bits, whilst Geoff started fixing a cigarette switch to take extra bilge pump, and outside spotlight for emergencies. I did the washing, ironing, and cleaning our cabin, so we have been busy all day, Jeff fiddled with the wind generator to find out what and if it was giving any amps, so all in all a good working day.

We have two rave parties on the beach, both competing with each other, so very noisy, so we are just running the generator, just to block some of their noise out. They don’t normally go on very late, as it is a family thing, thank goodness.

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