Sandy and Wendy’s

Sandy and Wendy's home

We soon settled into our new surroundings, and took the dogs for a lovely 3mile walk in the woods, it is so pretty here, with hardly any traffic on the roads, very peaceful and picturesque.

We had a lovely dinner, then a few drinks, I went to bed at

Sandy and Wendy walking in the woods

midnight, leaving Sandy and Geoff determined to finish a bottle of single malt whisky from Speyside. I think they eventually got to bed after 1am.

Next day we went for a Chinese Wok with some friends of Sandy and Wendy’s they also had friends over who are Motor homing, accept they are going back to England after six months away, so we picked their brains with as much information as we could, I have since ordered a book to help find more sites.

Cows minding their own business

Up late, and we had a lazy day with catching up with Banks and paperwork, we took the dogs on the long walk again, where Bella decided to annoy some cows, when she got to them she

Cows trying to get Bella!

barked, and they all turned on her, she ran towards the edge of the field, with about twenty cows chasing her, will she ever learn!!!

We started our evening with cocktails in the garden outside Rosie we then went to a tiny village and had crepes with all different fillings,you could have had salmon, bacon, cheese, some even had walnuts on. Pudding was the same with ice cream,chocolate etc., with alcohol poured over. Just as we were leaving we played a game of table football, unfortunately Wendy and I were beaten 5-0, we think they were cheating though!! a lovely evening was had by all. Back at the house, the whisky came out again, a peaty single malt from the Isle of Islay, I was on water, because I had drunk too much over the meal.


Geoff, Sandy and Wendy

Thank you so much for making our stay so much fun, we will be back when our liver has returned to normal xx

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2 Responses to Sandy and Wendy’s

  1. Martin says:

    Geoff might struggle to get whisky delivered to your new home!

  2. Sandy & Wendy says:

    A good time was had by all and my replacement liver and kidneys will be delivered next week !!!!

    Enjoyed the lively chatter, good food, reminiscences and the gentle dog walks.

    My drive now looks enormous after Rosie, and the bikes, have gone and we are preparing for our own, imminent, excursion.

    Bon Voyage and hasta ? la prochaine.


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