Heading South & St Nazaire

St. Nazaire

We left Sandy and Wendy’s about 11a.m, I am feeling very rough, and sorry for myself, no more drink for me for a few days, need to dry out!! (Self inflicted) See Sandy’s comments after our visit.
The rain has come back, after a lovely few days, typical, but the further we go south it is getting brighter, we are heading for St.Nazaire.
We arrived for lunch, another good free Aries, where you have a view of the sea from the cliff top over the road, we later explored the beach area, Bella and Sooty loved it.

St. Nazaire

Thursday 10th . Geoff went to explore St.Nazaire, whilst I did the coastal walk, very rugged as we are on the Atlantic, I had only gone for ten minutes, when I came across a nudist beach, and to my surprise, it had a number of brave people showing everything, bit too cold for me to wear shorts, let alone nothing!! Must be getting old! Didn’t go down onto the beach, stayed on coastal path, I didn’t know what the dogs might do.

Coastal Path at St. Nazaire

I was walking for over an hour an half, then I came back to ‘Rosie’ for lunch, and a rest. I then planned our next few days.
Geoff got back about 5pm, and we compared notes, glad I did my walk, not into all this history.

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