On the move at last!!

Over-night stop at Boulogne-sur-Mer

Arriving in Calais very late with the time difference also, we used our new ‘Aries’ book to find a suitable place, we stopped at Boulogne-sur-Mer on the cliff tops overlooking the sea, a lovely quiet area, with about ten other vans on site, at a cost of 5 Euros.  In the morning I explored the area with the dogs, it was lovely, think I could get used to this. We had a lazy breakfast and then left for Honfleur, the countryside is so pretty, I love it.

On arriving in Honfleur, we found the site, but could not get in, it was an automatic barrier which we could not work out,  so we unhooked the trailer, did a turn, and went to find another site, which we did across the river, this was far better and certainly a lot cheaper, 10 Euros to be in the middle of town, we could have had free electric as well for that, but we did not bother.


Renovating the old properties

We walked into town with the dogs, it was lovely, they are renovating some of the old buildings, which are so pretty, the streets are very narrow, and so colourful, definately worth a visit. We had a cream tea, which was very expensive, but then they have to make their money


some where!  I have waited years to get here, so glad I finally made it.

As we are short of time, as we left so late, we decided to move onto Le Mont-St.Michael, so we left after breakfast and headed for our next Aires, only this time, they have changed everything since the book was printed in 2010, and we ended up in this huge car-park, adequate for us, as we could walk to Le Mont-St.Michael, which we did after lunch, plenty of other Motor-homes were there.

The long trek to Mont St.Michael

We could see in the distance where we were going, they had put in new roads, and pathways, it must have taken us thirty

Mont St.Michael

minutes to get to the village itself, and it was vibrant with lots of tourists, having coffee’s, ice creams, and crepes, the shops were full of the normal tourist tacky stuff, but the ambiance was brilliant. I walked up to the top, and looked over the

Mont St.Michael

ramparts, whilst Geoff waited below with the dogs.

We then took a slow meander back, as the buses would not take

Streets of Mont.St.Michael

dogs, so by the time we got back we were all shattered, but another lovely day. Fortunately the rain had held off, but just started again, as we got back.

Up in the morning, and we then motored to Sandy and Wendy’s we arrived about 3pm, and Geoff struggled to get ‘Rosie’ into the drive, we had to go in backwards as it is on a slope with a gravel drive, unfortunately as Geoff turned, he ended up in the ditch, so with the land rover Sandy pulled him out, and Geoff was able to reverse up, not sure if the clutch will work when we leave, as all we could smell was burning clutch plate!!

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3 Responses to On the move at last!!

  1. Martin says:

    Brilliant guys, well done!

    It’s great that you are finally on your way. Much deserved fun in prospect for you both and a much deserved rest fr all those you stayed with 😉 LOL

  2. Christine says:

    Think the site is amazing Martin, and so easy to use, thank you so much.
    Geoff and Sandy have hit the Whiskey, not much left now!!!

  3. Martin says:

    You are welcome. It’s great to see you using it and so professionally

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