Hello Rosie!!!!

Hector was duly delivered, and the box was finished, we then left and went straight to Jane’s, as she was having the car for two years.  That day Bella was saying hello to the horses, when one of them kicked her, (Bella’s fault as she was barking) anyway we all thought she had internal injuries, as she was bleeding from the mouth, couldn’t walk etc., rushed to the vet they kept her in, and later we collected her, a very shocked little dog, but fortunately nothing broken, amazing.

We then travelled to Derbyshire, where we had a cover fitted for the windscreen in Sheffield, I stayed behind, and Marian and I went for a long walk. Friday we went into town and bought six big storage boxes, hoping that will make things easier!! later Geoff and Martin went to a whisky tasting evening, which they really enjoyed.

Saturday came too fast, we said our farewells, and headed back to Jane’s, the weather is awful, rain, rain and more rain. The yard was filthy because of the rain, I wanted to empty our garage out to re-arrange our stuff, whilst Geoff was having to alter the trailer, because since the box arrived,the trailer does not fit!! Eventually we sorted everything,and on Sunday we had a lovely roast dinner, and played Mahjon, it was a lovely evening.

We  said our goodbye’s and headed south again! calling in at Croydon to sort our Emissions problem out, we stayed at Crystal Palace over night, in a lovely little site, walked dogs in the Park, very good.

The guys at Croydon recognised the Motor home, it was the original place that the emissions system had been fitted, and they were talking about the owner, and saying how ‘Hector’ was always called ‘Rosie’ so we have decided to revert to her original name, perhaps she will perform better. The engineers said we would need a different emissions system to sort the alarm out, (here we go again) come back tomorrow!  They MOT’d the van, and it passed which was good news, we then went to get the emission certificate (LEZ) which also passed. Back to Kathleen’s, Geoff got up at 5am to go back to Croydon, still did not work, we needed another part, we are both getting really fed up by this time, as we thought we were on our way!!

We went out for a lovely meal in Horndean, drowned our sorrows, and decided to say our farewells to Kathleen and Tom, we travelled up to Godstone, to get yet another part, and the guy refused to fit it, so back to Croydon where the guys there were really nice, fitted it whilst we had some lunch.  Everything seemed to be ok, so off to Dover, we got there about 7.pm bought some tickets, and we are just heading going now,starting our travels at last!!!

A big thank you to everyone who has put up with us over the last few months, we have enjoyed our time with everyone, but glad to be on our way, nothing personal!!!!

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2 Responses to Hello Rosie!!!!

  1. Marian says:

    Did I miss something? – did Hector undergo the “op” to become Rosie?? Glad to see that you are finally on your way – nothing personal from this end either!! Enjoy.

  2. Christine says:

    Apparently the van had always been called ‘Rosie’ and we felt that we should keep the name! Andrew calls it the ‘love bus’.

    Weather is improving so things are looking up Cx

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