New Forest Shake down AGAIN!!

Peacock being friendly

First thing Thursday morning, pouring with rain, off we go to Southdowns, everything done, and hopefully working, we collected ‘Hector’ or the ‘love bus’ as Andrew calls it, I prefer that name. We travelled down to the New Forest, we went to Longbeech, when we arrived, the warden said we could only park on the concrete basis, as the grass was sodden, we found a good spot, and sorted ourselves out, only five other vans, so peaceful.

Deer surrounding 'Love Bus'

Everything was working well, what a different trip to last time, we watched a Dvd, unable to get a tv signal as we were surrounded by trees, but it was worth it, such a beautiful place. All lights working, plenty of power in the batteries, brakes now repaired, and all the other jobs have been done.

Friday morning Herbert and Liz came over, we had lunch, and between showers we went for a walk, only to get soaked on way back. In the evening we went for a lovely meal, spoilt only by bad service, but Geoff negotiated 20% of the bill, so not all bad. We drove back to find we were locked out, so we had to negotiate back to the ‘love bus’ in pitch black, we were giggling, at the fact we were two pensioners living rough, and people do not understand us, but we are happy.

Next day Herbert and Liz came over eventually having got lost, and Geoff had to go out

Waterloo Arms Lyndhurst

and fetch them, we had coffee, then went to Lyndhurst for lunch, a lovely thatched pub.

We took Sooty and Bella for a long walk, they were chasing the deer, and squirrels, they thoroughly enjoyed it, so picturesque, so relaxing, such a lovely place.

Sunday came round too fast, we had to go back, as Southdown’s  have more work to do, they are fitting a box at the back, as we have run out of space, let’s hope we get it back on Monday!!

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