Quiet week

6/12 – 9/12.   Jane is very busy as Julie is here at present to give Jane riding lessons on Herbie to keep her up to speed whilst she is in Abu Dhabi, and to make it worth the trip, Jane has several other riders having lessons with her, so she is here there and everywhere.

We are chief cooks and bottle washers , with Geoff doing the odd DIY job, Dave is at a loose end, as it is the week- end, so he decided to go for a run, so I joined him on his bike, and the dogs ran behind. I was doing ok, until we went off road, then I surrender, still we had gone some way, but certain parts of my anatomy were getting sore, so time to quit!

imageIn the evening we went to imageone of the posh Malls where we happened to find a “frozen yogurt” shop, where you picked your yogurt, and filled the pot up with whatever you wanted, there was every sort of sweets available, as well as chocolates, fresh fruit, imageand sauces, they then had to be weighed (glad I didn’t pay) think they worked out about £6 each!!!! Very yummy though.

Saturday night we dropped Geoff of at airport! his flight was about 2am so he had a long night.

Sunday dave was back at work, I was on cooking and cleaning duties.

imageMonday, much of the same, although Jane and I walked the dogs in the dessert, they love it, as they can run around, we have promised them a proper walk after Julie goes tomorrow.  Jane and Julie had their nails done, I decided to give mine a rest, and have them done just before xmas.image


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