My birthday

Tea in bed, then a lazy breakfast, lots of cards, and prezzies, then shower and dress, today we have another full day.

Jane had taken Dave to work, ridden Herbie, before we had got sorted, she then took the dogs for a quick run, no wonder she is exhausted all the time, makes me tired thinking of all the things she does.

imageWe drive to Monte-Carlo Beach Club in Saadiyat, wow what a place, everywhere we go in Abu Dhabi, it amazes me at the imagemoney that has gone into making this Island palatial.image

we choose our table! and have a lovely lunch! with a glass of wine so expensive! that Geoff was speechless! apparently it was dearer than the meal! needless to say we only had the one. We did have vouchers that Dave had given us, so not too bad, but still very expensive we imagewalked all around, it was certainly a stunning place, with all the pampering a girl could want on her birthday.

Having left the Beach Club, we headed for the town to collect the Maid, or slave as we call her, a lovely lady, with a bubbly personality, but the trouble is her employer will not give her her passport, we tried to find the embassy for her! but in the end she went by taxi. We are not sure what is happening now, Jane will have to wait and see, but we all muck in so not really a problem.

Back home a quick shower and change, and we are going to ” The Meat co” another imageamazing place, in a souk this time! we wondered around the shops, whilst waiting for Dave, then went into the restaurant.  The ambience was brilliant, with views over the Arabian gulf! imageand the Grand Mosque.

Geoff and I had ” chateaubriand” ,Dave had fillet steak, with Jane having lamb cutlets, the food was excellent, afterwards we chose our puddings, which never came, instead I was given this lovely ice cream cake, by the staff who sang an African birthday song, imagewhilst playing bongo’s, it was so funny, the cake was lovely, imagethank you Jane for organising it, and Geoff  for just being Geoff, I love you xxximage

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