Geoff returns to England

Due to the cost of flights I decided to stay put, why would I want to go back to England anyway, it is 25 – 30 degrees here and very comfortable.

imageMost days we walked the dogs in the morning, Jane went to see Herbie, we did cycle rides, coffee mornings and lunches, what else is there to do!image

One morning I decided to see if I could extend my visa, so got up early, and Jane dropped me at the immigration office, in the centre, well at 8am it was heaving, I got pushed from one office to another until I found the correct place, I duly waited my turn, then was told to go over there, well it took me another half an hour to find where over there was, I was then told I needed the typing pool, so took another number and sat down again.  Thought I was doing ok here, as I was next, but it was not that easy, after being grilled why I had no stamp in my passport, how could I get in without a stamp, I was sent back to the original guy!

Another queue, so I waited politely when a really nice guy asked me what the problem was, I explained, so he took me to see a top official, who studied the passport, went on the computer, congratulated me on getting married, and told me as I had come into Dubai I would have to get a stamp from there!!!!!!!

Jumped into a taxi, asked for emirates National school, first he took me just up the road! which I knew was wrong! then onto another school! I got out of the car! and did not recognise anywhere, so saw what I thought was the local Mosque and walked towards there, realised that was not the right one, so walked towards another, fortunately Jane was around, so she eventually found me.  Everywhere looks the same, very confusing.

Amanda and Mathew (Marian’s friends) came over and we put the world to rights over a lovely curry, Jane and Dave were having a bad week-end as to why they are out here, it is not the easiest place to live, and they are struggling at present.

On the 16/12 Joe arrived, Jane’s friend from school days, so the days changed around a imagebit I got up with Jane and Dave, and we took the dogs walking first thing, which was cooler, then Jo went of to help Jane with Herbie.



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