Our last day in Abu Dhabi

Awake early, not used to the time difference, so I sneaked downstairs, and put the first load of washing on, have more chance of getting it dry in the sunshine, than in Derbyshire  In the snow !

We met Jane and Dave on stairs, and managed to catch up with the gossip, so many changes in ten days, still they seem happier.

Jane and Dave went for a run with the dogs whilst I did another load of washing, and we had breakfast.

We then went into town to collect our dresses that we have had made! neither of them fitted properly, so we will have to go back later! we then went for a stroll along the waterfront (the corniche) and happened to stop at the Cinnabon shop, so finding a seat looking out to sea, was lovely, the weather was superb, so were the Cinnabon’s our last chance to eat one, before we leave….

We now go to pick up Geoff’s waistcoat, which looked really nice, that did not fit either, so we will have to go and pick that up later as well.  Back home, Jane and Dave go to see Herbie, we wanted to go, but also have to pack, so we decided to not go.  Meanwhile Ella had been ironing all our washing, so we leave with no dirty washing what a result that is.

When Jane and Dave get back, they quickly showered and we were back in the city collecting my dress, then onto a restaurant, only to find where we wanted to go does not open until 7pm, so we opted for the curry house in the Mall where Geoff’s waistcoat is.

We collected the waistcoat, then into the Indian, we had a lovely meal, then home for a chocolate brownie, and gin and tonic, no alcohol served in Mall’s!

A lovely last day, thankyou both for putting up with us, for so long, we have had highs and lows, let’s hope the future will be good for us all.

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