Back to Abu Dhabi

Yes, today we leave after a wonderful 10 days in this historic Colonial Hotel, our relaxation days between our days out was the right way to visit Sri Lanka. Our three long days out together with out trip around Colombo gave us a very good insight to the life, the sounds and the scenery of this Island located to the Southern Tip of India.

Our last lie in then a relaxed breakfast followed by sitting in the sun and do a last few lengths in the salt water pool.

Christine was straight down to the pool after breakfast but I had to complete the log for our tea plantation trip as I had encountered a few IT issues, still all done and I went down.  After sitting in the sun and getting rather hot we strolled along the beach, had a paddle in the ocean then back into the hotel pool.

Back up to the room for 13000 hrs, a spot of lunch, though a continuation Of breakfast as we pocketed some cheese, biscuits and Jam etc., followed by showers and last minute packing.

We paid our final bill, not as bad as we were expecting, and into the pre-booked taxi and away.  Our trip to the airport was quite sedate this time and it included the Airport Highway, again built by the Chinese.

We were through the airport formalities quickly and then waiting quietly for boarding.

Take off was un eventful, the plane was full and food and drinks were wheeled out. Unfortunately our seats were the ones in front of the row with the emergency exit so therefore didn’t recline but the ones in front of us did. Because the space was tight, our fold down tray was in two halves which was good as I didn’t have enough room to fold down the whole tray, but half was OK. So when the food tray arrived I had to balance my tray on just half of the fold down one. Everything was OK but as I finished eating, so did the lady in front and started to recline her seat, my tray went everywhere, the glass shattered across the aisle, oh dear.  After the cabin staff cleared up, this woman came right back but I had nowhere to go, the tray nearly divided me in two and I was totally hacked off.  I stormed into the business class seats as they were empty, and started reading in comfort, until I was asked to move back.  I explained the situation and told the stewardess what I thought of Sri Lanka Air, but no I had to move back, I said I couldn’t fit in that seat with the one in front in the reclaimed position.

The stewardess then took my boarding stub bad disappeared only to return a few minutes later saying she had swapped someone and I had an other seat to go to.  When I returned to the cabin I noticed Christine had moved into mine and somebody else was in the middle and I had a window seat , first row behind the partitioning bulkhead; that’s better.

Arriving at Abu Dhabi airport, straight through Passport Control, our bags were amongst the first few off so out of the airport and into a taxi within half an hour.

After telling the driver where we wanted to go, that didn’t work, I gave him a piece of paper with the address on, that didn’t work, I turned the piece of paper over and tried the International Emirate’s school is a local landmark, that didn’t work either so he went to ask supervisor, eventually we got under way, found the local mall so we knew our way to the house now but believe it or not it was now when the driver decided to put his “Tom Tom” on!!!!!

Arrived to a dark house, all had gone to bed though Doogle and Oreo and thats just what we did after a great 10 days in Sri Lanka.


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