Trip back to UK

Up early, finished packing, said our goodbyes to Dave, as he was back to work, we were sitting having breakfast when Jane came back, so we packed the car and hit the road.

Jane is going to see her friends in Dubai, so we elected to be dropped off first! we found that we were in the wrong terminal, so we found a bus to take us to terminal 3, then onto check in, where we met a very sullen young man, who would not let me put my small suitcase in the hold, because it weighed 13kgs, he wanted money, but I said forget it we will manage. we were only allowed 30kgs each but in fact I had 41kgs! Where is his sense of humour.

Into security, everything was ok, and onto passport control, there we were told we had to go to another office, we were both a bit worried about that, but then were told they could not follow our journeys in and out of Abu Dhabi, so he duly stamped our passports! and we were on our way again.

Lunch time now, and we found a lovely place, away from the crowds in a Hotel, it was very nice and relaxing.

Then onto gate 18, where we were one of the first on the plane, and met a lovely stewardess, who said she would look after us, and if we wanted to change seats she would see what she could do.  I was very happy where I was, as I had a spare seat next to me, but in the end I felt sorry for the girl sitting next to Geoff , so we swapped! have to say two isle seats is the way to go! We had a lovely trip, with lots of booze coming our way, so no complaints.

Flight arrived on time, luggage collected into a taxi, straight to Hotel and an early night, although it is only 8pm where we have just left it was 1.30am so we are shattered.

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