Long Boat Key

I didn’t wake very early, much to Geoff’s disgust, he was awake, at 6.30am, I didn’t wake until 7.30am, Geoff made me tea, and we then went for a swim, the pool is lovely, although not as warm as ours. We did our exercises in the vain hope that our weight would just drop off.

20151122-203955.jpg we had breakfast, and then the boys went shopping, whilst Jan and I sorted the washing and ironing out.
We had lunch, then decided to go and look around, after a long drive, we stopped for coffee, at Bridge Street, at Bradenton Beach.

20151122-204457.jpg it was windy and cold, but the people were lovely

We then walked along the beach after, but the sea is very cold, but it was lovely to be paddling.

Back home again, we went for another swim, the water is getting warmer, as the landlord has put the pool heater on.
I cooked dinner, then we discussed how much a trip to Disney world is going to cost, oh dear not sure if we want to go now.

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