Bradenton, Florida

We were awoken by the sound of the ship docking, it was 6am, Geoff got straight up made the teas, and then had a shower, there was no stopping him, I just sat back, and enjoyed my cuppa! Geoff was dressed, and then went to the library, and reception, whilst I was still drinking my tea. I finally decided time to get up, I had a shower, and we then went down for breakfast, having gathered all our stuff up, and said goodbye to Amile our lad who kept our room lovely and tidy!
Having met up with Mike and Jan, they said we could dis-embark, well we did, two hours later we cleared customs, what a lot of nonsense, everyone was moaning, we had to eat oranges, apples, and nuts etc., as not allowed to take them in, everyone was quite jovial, considering the time it took.
When we eventually got through, we found our car hire man, who took us to collect our hire car, everything was going to plan. We loaded the car, and quickly travelled on to our villa for ten days, and very nice it is too.
Later we went shopping, then Mike cooked our meal, and I had an early night, I was shattered with this cold.

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