Two days at sea.

We are back on board, and the seas are very rough, we are going up and down, the pool has been closed again, and we had a very quiet day. Mike and I have both got colds, I am feeling quite rough, so went back to bed. Didn’t really do much at all over the two days, we went to the shows which were unusually good, the whole cast was in one show, with a magician, acrobats, and singers, they were really good, after the show, some of the crew came on stage to say good bye. On the last night, they had a violinist, who was brilliant, for a start he was English, so that was a first, but he played mostly English songs, and at the end, he did songs from the last night at the proms, everyone cheered and he had a standing ovation, we were waving our arms etc., etc.,
One of the afternoons we played crib, and dominoes! Jan and I thrashed the boys again, oh dear, we will have to show them how to win, he he!

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