Out and About

We messed around in morning, Geoff and I did our swimming and exercises, then went to look for a hire car, we have booked to go to Orlando, so we need another car, should have done it from the beginning, it would have been a lot cheaper, hey ho!
Found Payless, and decided not to use them, they were ripping the Brits off! We ended up at Avis, booked it for tomorrow, then we went for another drive.
We wanted to buy some flip flops, so we went to Armand Circus, this was a lovely little place, very busy, with lots of little restaurants, cafes and expensive shops

We found a stunning picture, it was a print on aluminium, it was fantastic, but it cost $6500 after discount, and including shipping, it really wasn’t worth that much. We left Geoff in the shop negotiating but that’s the best he could do, it started of just under $10,000, so I guess it was overpriced in the beginning.

Found a nice place to have a drink, and watch the world go by, a lovely day.

Back home Geoff cooked the steaks, very difficult, Jan likes hers well done, Mike likes his medium, and ours rare, I made the salad, mike made the wedges, everything came together, and steaks were great.
We then played sequence, which Jan and I won again, and I then beat Geoff at crib, we had a laugh, even UNO was bad for the boys.


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