Entertainment by the Pool

Tuesday 3rd October 2023

Another good nights sleep in El Mahon and the scrub we parked alongside served it’s purpose well and exhausted the dogs, though soon after we started throwing the ball with our new ball thrower, they gave up and hibernated under the van “and” took the ball with them!!!   

Last night we got chatting to a chap in another motorhome who also parked in the same street, he was from Norway and apart from a planned trip to Thailand for dental work, he intended to stay for the winter!!

The order of the day was “Mercadona” for food shopping followed by “Mariana Damascan” for Christine’s nails and somewhere in-between, a visit to a small supermarket we call the “Co-op” for adequate stocks of Soberano and Salt and Pepper grinders.  Then we had arranged to visit Rita and Rodney for lunch.

Driving away from our comfortable spot waving to the Norwegian as we headed into Pilar, firstly parking outside Mercadona where we also took the opportunity to have a coffee before heading to the Co-op and back again for the nail bar.   Whilst Christine was having her nails done I took the opportunity to enjoy a “coffee and a Brandy” next door whilst the dogs enjoyed a fresh bowl of water!!!!

Rita and Geoff

Arriving at Rita and Rodney’s and before we had settled in, the dogs were in their pool much to the astonishment of their two dogs, Lotte and Max.    Unlike our other visits, we had seen these two whilst they were visiting England in the summer, but still great to catch up and have a nice lunch and a few of drinks with Rodney.   He tells me he hadn’t enjoyed a Soberano since the last time we were together; hard to imagine that one!!!

Poor Max, Tom-Tom and Rosie loved it

At one stage Rita decided Max should join in with TT & R chasing the ball into the pool but he was having none of it so that was the challenge.   All the coaxing in the world wasn’t going to change his mind so Rita differed to the old, tried and tested methods, she picked him up and in he went.    I don’t think I have seen a dog move so fast, and he was out of the pool in a flash and didn’t go near it again!!!

Rod and Geoff enjoying their soberano

After a really good social afternoon with entertainment provided by two dogs jumping in and out of the pool we filled up with water and said our goodbyes.

Tonight it is quiz night in the village and I was a guest on Jim and Hazel’s team; 6 of us and we all put our six-pennyworth in and low and behold, we won!!!    I am so annoyed with myself on one rugby question, should have known the answer but “screwed up”; unforgivable👹👹 then back to our”new” spot by the dog park.

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