Cap Ferret on Pinky and Perky

Le Tedey Parc and Lake

Up early and out with the dogs, Bella goes mad here, runs and runs, no change really, but since her hair cut, she seems worse, Geoff calls her ‘wayward’ anyway, down to the lake and back in time for early morning tea.

Le Tedey Parc Le Moutchic

We are going out on bikes today, so we got everything ready, fed the dogs, and locked them in, they were fine. We went to Cap Ferret, northern entrance of the Arcachon Basin, it took us over one hour to get there, we had a good look around, including looking

Looking over at largest Sand Dunes in Europe

over at the biggest sand dune in Europe Dune du Pilat, we will save that trip for the next time around, as we have both agreed we would like to come back sometime, and do more exploring.

Chez Boulan

Quick stop for lunch, Geoff found a place which was an oyster bar ‘Chez Boulan’

Chez Boulan

, it was lovely, besides oysters, they did prawns, and only served wine, so Geoff had the speciality which was 6 oysters, and I had prawns, they were served with a lovely bread, and some tasty butter, and of course two glasses of white wine. Very enjoyable.

We left there and headed back, we did about 65 miles round trip, so not bad. The dogs were fine, and had not suffered for being left! Another quick walk, then a sunbathe.

All in all a good day, showers and an early night.


Well after all the “Hiss taking” when I fell off Perky it had to happen. It was Christine’s turn today, she fell off Pinky, Ha Ha, serves you right; what goes around comes around. Fortunately, like me, she fell off whilst manoeuvring at very slow speed and like me unhurt, “BUT” when I fell off there was no help around but when Christine fell off there were two Frenchmen there helping before I could get back, whatever next!!!!!  The outcome is that even with all the protection she was wearing she has a few bruises and a scratch on her leg but I don’t think they hurt as much as her pride!!!!!

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3 Responses to Cap Ferret on Pinky and Perky

  1. Martin says:

    We’re somewhat envious reading this lot! Oysters, wine, walks and weather, sounds like you are in seventh heaven.

  2. Christine says:

    You have to wait until you are so old, there is nothing else to do but ENJOY!!

  3. Christine says:

    My pride was not hurt, but my hip is bruised and my leg has a big chunk out of it, unlike his fall, I deserved attention!!

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