Lacanau in the sun

Up and “at ‘em” not so early today, but looked out to a normal sunny morning so decided to return Lacanau Ocean to see the beach in all its glory, and to stretch the legs of Pinky & Perky once again.
After another leisurely breakfast and 2 walks for Christine , Sooty & Bella we donned our “strait jackets”, crash hats and gloves and were away, albeit late morning!!!
By the time we arrived in Lacanau, about 10 minutes after we started!!! we had to look up side roads to park. The car park along the front charged and being pensioners, we needed free parking.

Pinky & Perky chained together for their safety

Found it, funnily enough near to the Wine Cave we visited the other day, so naturally had to pop in. Unfortunately the particular white wine we wanted to top up on had all gone; oh dear we will have to make do!
After a stroll along the sea front taking in the magnificent beach views in the very hot sun,

Christine back on Lacanau Beach on a normal sunny day,

Lacanau Beach on a normal sunny day looking North

we went back to the fish market for a last taste of Oysters, which you may have guessed are a speciality around these parts. Unfortunately there was nothing for Christine other than a glass of wine,

The fish market where I had more Oysters but we both had wine, naturally

so whilst I enjoyed a plate of oysters, again!!! We shared the bread and had a nice glass of very dry local white wine. A few groceries on the way back to the bikes, and then back to Camping Teddy.
We were very pleased to get back as it was so very hot, probably up to Spanish standards. Fortunately, though it was very hot, Sooty and Bella didn’t suffer as we left the air conditioning running in Rosie whilst we were out; they were nice and cool, not like us.
We had a light lunch, some sunbathing, a long walk for the dogs when it was cooler, then bikes onto the trailer and ready for the off tomorrow. Pau, here we come

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  1. Paula says:

    Well you do look like you are enjoying yourselves!! Lacanau looks lovely. Weather great here this week end so enjoying being outside. I had a phone call from the school I wanted a job at this week offering me the ideal part time teaching job from September so am really pleased!!
    Tyla wind surfing today and we are all looking forward to Woolacombe this time next week.

    Love to you both and take care.

    PS dates for August are 12th to 26th. Don’t loose them again xx

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