Memory Lane

Well here we are, the last time I was here was 30 years ago in the caravan when we took the Children and we met up with Neil and Lesley (Children’s cousins) here in Le Moutchic, just inland from the Atlantic beaches in Lacanau Ocean.
After breakfast we started Pinky & Perky, fortunately there was sufficient power in the battery and off to Lacanau Ocean as it was Market day. Firstly the market had moved from the side street it was in last time and onto a large car park, (I don’t remember that!) and secondly it is a much smaller market. 30 years ago you could start at one end and of the market by the other end one could be 3 parts to the wind with all the wine tasting that was available, no such luck to-day, a sign of the times perhaps? There were a couple of wine stalls but no tasting, ugh!!!
Next we had a walk down to the beach but with a “pit stop” for coffee/tea. This beach is still as magnificent

Christine at Lacanau Beach

Lacanau Ocean Beach, looking North

as I remember but unfortunately it is very overcast this morning, however this has not put the surfers off; there were many out there enjoying

Surfing at Lacanau Ocean

the Atlantic rollers.
Walking back through the back streets of Lacanau we fell across a Wine Cave so we were not disappointed in the end as we had several wines to taste. Naturally this ended in more space being needed in “Rosie”!!!!!
Returning to the market we stopped at a fish mongers to buy supplies. Now we have sussed out our freezer part of the fridge we can buy more stock.
Pinky & Perky were waiting for us, still locked to a street light and after what seemed an age were dressed, helmeted gloved, checked our intercoms worked and we were off.

Are we going,

Are we going then?

We came back to the camp site via “Le Moutchic” where, we used to stop all those years ago. We drove up to the gate of the old campsite

Entrance to Camping L'Ermatage (Now all Closed down)

but it looked very desolate, run down and closed. When we were there 30 years ago the “Mother” who always sat in the entrance hut must have been in her Nineties and her “son” (who owned it) was in his late 50/60s: Probably no successor hence it is closed down.
The other main change is they have removed a complete row of houses/cafés/shops etc., to make a wide grassy promenade and large car park running along the lake front;Le Moutchic looking East along the lake front

Le Moutchic beach looking West along the lake

different, but nice
Back to “Camp Tedey” disrobe, which takes a time!!!!, put our communicators on charge and lunch, very French Baguette Cheese and fancy cold meats, we did give the wine a miss to help our diets, ha ha!!!
Christine set about washing down Pinky; I wonder how long that will last! I watched, and then took Sooty and Bella for a swim with some walking in between, excellent dog walking area here.
Lovely sunny afternoon, about time to; just a shame we didn’t have the sun when we were on Lacanau Beach this morning.

Dinner, this was then followed by a cosy evening catching up on some TV programmes with I Player.

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  1. Jim spittle says:

    Great site and looks like a very relaxed and enjoyable retirement, looking at your site all you do is eat and drink and keeping falling off things. best Regards to Christine.

    Jim & Barb

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