ARC Europe – Wednesday 19th May 2010

Position @1200 UTC

32⁰ 22.73 N 64⁰ 40.80 W

The Start Line
St. Georges, Bermuda

Up and at ’em by 0700hrs,last shower for a few days, a nice cup of tea qnd then I prepared a Lasagne for to-days main meal.

By 0830 we started to secure the boat, you know, those last mniute things that can only be done at the last thing. I went over th the Harbour Master’s office to pay for the last two nights moorings, Grainne shot ouyt to buy an alarm clock!!!! Andrew topped up his “fag” stock and armed with the latest weather forecast, Chris completed his navigation and route.

We were called off the dock and accross the lagoon to the dingy club at around 1030 hrs and filled up both main tanks and several plastic jerry cans. Kir of Brixham came along side us as well so they also filled up.

Eventually we were off the dock by 1150 but fortunatly the start had been posphoned ’till 1215 due to the Hamilton Ferry arrival. Because we were late off the dock and pushed to get back behind the start line in time the start time was again pushed back to 1230. The hamilton ferry this time was due to leave St Georges!

Anyway, it all worked out in the end when at 1230 the gun went off and 21 boats started accro0ss the line in St Georges Harbour (the lagoon) and headed straight for the town cut to get out to sea. This cut can accomodate 1 medium sized bulk carrier and then the two sides of the ship are nearly touching both sides of the rocks, so, for sure, 21 boats were ot going to get through. Fortunatly though there was a clean start, in the run down to the cut and with the different speeds, we filtered through withou any misshap; wow!

Now we ALL had to follow the channel markers to get away. The coral around Bermuda stretches for miles and there are only certain channels with sufficient draft for yachts. For those who know it, Bembridge springs to mind, albiet a grander scale.

At last away from the channel markers we were
on our own and away surrounded by 20 other boats!

Approx 15 knots of wind on a broad reach and we were travelling between 7 and 8 knots, so for the time being, we are travelling the circle line,shortage route but wether we will be holding this will depend entirely on the wind available in the next few days. Some boats seem to have decided to go further north before turning east, so all to play for as they say!!!

Lasagne for a late lunch/early dinner with salad followed with some over-cooked choc chip biscuits.

Grainne is a little overawed by boat and everything so haven’t gone forward with the 4 watch cycle. We will carry on with the 3 watch cycle for the first 3 days and Grainne will spend a day attached to each of us. Hopefully after this she will be able to stand her watch. She has not been helped by suffering with sea sickness and of course has just finished a grulling Masters Degree course so she has basically wilted!

Wind ket blowing steadely during the night so we made good progress but by midnight we coulonly see one other yacht clearly, even though a clear night with good moon cover.

A very good and satisfying day indeed.

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