ARC Europe – Tuesday 18th May 2010

Position @1200 UTC

32⁰ 22.73 N 64⁰ 40.80 W

St. Georges, Bermuda

Up reasonably early as we had to do the last of the provisioning, so off I todled to the local rip off supermarket, well that’s a little unfair, they are all VERY expensive. Filled two carts a little over $500 but at least they delivered to the boat. This saved us a lot of effort.

Andrew got into the generator and found a wire that was loose and had burnt out, so a new terminal was fitted and away she went. Ran it fo some time and it did not faulter I qam pleased tosay.

Late after no0onb was busy for me asSkipper. First we had the Skippers briefing, Chris accompanied me to that one. This was followed by clearing out with customs aqnd imigration and lastly I had to present passports and sign a declaration about who was on board for trip. hen all this was completed I stayed atthe dingy club ( where the ARC Rally control was situated) and waited for the rest of my crew to arrive. There wqs a farewell Bar B Q, so a good timewas had by all

Back to0 the boat for about 2230minimal to drink as we have the big day tomorrow. The start by the way is going to be in the lagoon immediatly followed by “Town Cut” the narrow channelout to the sea. 27 of us converging into a narrow space, should make for some interesting pictures!

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