ARC Europe – Monday 17th May 2010

Position @1200 UTC

32⁰ 22.73 N 64⁰ 40.80 W

St. Georges, Bermuda

To day was the day. Andrew & I set about the head in the master en suite. I had bought a length whilst in Hamilton so into the dark and grimey, below wter mark, bilges to replace the discharge pipe. You will recall a few days ago I said it wasn’t working and though this was not an unexpected surprise I was shocked at how quickly behind the other heads, this came.

After a lot of cursing etc we Managed to pull the new pipe through. Like the last time we did it, we atached the old pipe to the new pipe and pulled!! To be fair it came through rather easier han we had thought it might and certainly easier than the the other head, Jeff & I tackled. Good, connected everything up and allwas well.

We both dived into shower, as you can imagine we were to say the least a little smelly!

It was now generator time,started up OK, ran for a about an hour then though the enginewas still running away we didn’t have any power coming onto the boat. All the obvious things were checked but to no avail swo switchede off and decided to look mat it tomorrow as we were out to dinner.

We had arranged to have dinner wih the crew of another yacht, “Kir of Brixham” so met up around 1900 hrs in, what has become our local, the White Horse. Had a super evening then back to the boat. A rather un-eventfull day!

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