ARC Europe – Thursday 20th May 2010

Position @1200 UTC

33⁰ 16.69 N 62⁰ 16.58 W

Nautical Miles travelled since start @ 1230 hrs 143

An un-eventfull night, ploughing on along the great circle route (shortest route) as the wind is holding out very nicely thank you however, we are mentally geared up to go North at some time. We nearly made that decision earlier this morning when we lost the wind for about 10 minutes, but hey, it came backup again so here we are between 7 and 8 knots, goodold Anam Cara and better still not too heeled over.

Grainjne spent all ay in her cabin trying to get herselftogether, she is sharing a watch with Chris tonight so we will see how she is after that.

Had the fishing line out all day but to no avail, nothing, nout, ziltch, where have all the fish gone?

Hot dogs with mixed onion and mushrooms for lunch and Andrew is on cooking duty tonight. We are having gently fried fresh chicken cooked with chopped onions and garlic in red wine jus with potato and carrot mash to accompany it. After dinner comments by all were that this “Jus” was as good as you wouldget in a 5 star hotel,excellentit was.

After dinner a slight change in our proceedings, we just had “B” Bond, “Thunderball” to be exact, we then settled back into the 3 man watch system and hoping the big black cloud just produces good wind and nothing to severe!

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