ARC Europe – Friday 21st May 2010

Position @1200 UTC

34⁰ 08.18 N 59⁰ 03.63 W

Nautical Miles traveled in last 24 hrs 186

Another Good day started though the wind had veered so had take in the Staysail early, then fit the preventer and let the main out . We thought the wind would veer round more, se we were then ready to pull in the main, pole out the Genoa one side and pole out the staysail on the other but no, nothing happend as we went in to lunch. With the wind coming in off the rear starboard quarter, the boat is a little more comfortable.

Whilst eating lunch we watched the final 1/2 hour of last nights film, James Bond in Thunderball, now we are up-to-date!

We are also getting concerned about Grainne (4th Member of the crew) she spends all her life in her cabin, not eating anything with us, only comes out to accompany whoever is on the night watch with her and not a peepout of her in the day. I know sickness is misserable and lasts buT I would have thought that as an expreienced sailor, she would have been used to it now. Un fortunatly we think her sailing abilities are fewer than we had expected, we do not feel comfortable about her doing a solo night watch at the moment which rather makes her redundant. What a shame, a nice person; anyway we will do another round of 3 day watch cycle with her again attached to one of us and see what happens after that.

We had a visitor with us to-day. It was a large bird, with two long feathers from the back of his/her head ; what make it was, no one knew. He/She sat on either side rails then finally on the deck below our green spare diesel drums, sheltering from he wind . He/She stayed there much of the day until we chased it off, not wanting bird mess on the deck. Anyway after circling Anam Cara several times, he/she set herself back in the same spot on the starboard side and stayed there. As darkness fell it was still there!

Quiet sail through the afternoon, (No Grainne yet) and we are still making good progress, still following the great circle route, southern and most direct route (for those who don’t know), and long may this continue.

A simple fresh chicken pasta dish this evening after listening to the ARC evening net . There are about 10 boats all around us and most seem to be travelling the same route as we are.

We have been trying to send pictures but un-able to. Because we are on a dial up through the satalite ‘Phone we need to compress the photos very small prior to sending; unfortunmatly I do not have the necessaey software. When we get to the Azores, hopefully we will be able to send and then post them on the web.

Night shift watches have started so will get the log away.

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