ARC Europe – Wednesday 12th May 2010

Position @1200 UTC

30 ? 39.50 N 65? 32.09 W

Distance travelled last 24 hours:- 131 Nautical Miles

Wella very quiet night, we all managed several hours un-interupted sleep and
flt better this morning. So, aftwer minimal rations over the4 past 48
hours, Andrew put things right with a fried breakfast including Fried Bread.
Very nice after what we have been through.

The rest of the morning has been taken up trying to find the wind, yes I
said find the wind and what was thre again was coming from the north,North
East.We ere expecting it to vere but it didn;’t so tacking is still the way
forward,well side to side!

Under the extreme weather conditions earlier in the week,Chris found his
hatch leaked so had a wet bed. So out came (a job for when we arrive in
Bermuda) came his duvet, sheets and matress and they are strewn acrossthe
boomm and rear coach ro0of in the sun drying. I had the floor plates up and
pumped out the bilges, even the small front one that collects from the chain
locker had more in there than I have seen for a long while. Anyway we are
ready for anything else again.

We decided that BBC would be in order today but instead of just Bond, Beer
and Crisps, we had Bond, Beer and Canape (picture attached) The Bond film
oday was “From Russia With Love” Whilst we were watchimng this, being no
wind, we were just bobbing around when suddenly Andrew called usup to see a
whols school of Dolphins. They were of all shapes and sizes with small baby
ones tryinhg to do somersaults! Very entertaining. Oh yes,the sea is like
a mill pond.

A couple of words from Chris:

Well today took the biscuit!!
It puts a whole different perspective on ‘racing’.
We keep hearing (On our SSB radio) from all the others discussing tactics
for the shortest/fastest route into Bermuda and what do we do?
We ‘hove to’ – basically stopped the boat in mid Atlantic, took down the
sails and had another Bond film – this time ‘From Russia with Love’ We even
had to PAUSE THE FILM!! because of a commotion outside caused by a family of
dolphins. Still, a very pleasurable interuption it was……..

After BBC on went the engine and off we toddled, calm sea and no wind.

Afternoon turned into night and regular watches as per the pattern and a
straight,un-eventful night was has by all and tomoprrow we arrive in

So don’t expect any records to be broken or cups won etc!
We felt we deserved a break since we had a couple of days -and one very
memorable night!! bouncing around with the wind etc being a bit naughty.
I had to ‘swim’ out of my bunk but hopefully it will have dried out by
Andrew’s breakfast was magnificant – and for ‘pudding’ we had fried bread
and marmelade – not something normally associated with breakfast?
IF we don’t stop for any other treats along the way, we should be into St
Georges – Bermuda tomorrow (Thursday) at about midday local time (about
16.00hrs BST).
We can hear Bermuda Radio on our VHF radio so that’s encouraging – it means
it can’t be that far away!!
We are motoring at the moment since we have little wind – but we are
‘promised’ some soon and look forward to the last few miles.
Love to all……….

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