ARC Europe – Tuesday 11th May 2010

Position at: 1200 UTC

29⁰ 18.04 N 65⁰ 19.25 W

Distance covered in 24 hrs 124 Nautical Miles

Heading: Too far NW

I can’t say we woke up as we were up all night with only the odd hour and cat nap between us: Still sun is shining but still very very rockey, we will have to wait to see what the day brings forth. No bread making today, I fear!!! More of the same I fera.

The morning was all about managing the situation and deciding where and when to tack as the winds were straight on the noseand getting the odd hou of sleep. No body feltl like breakfast and when it came to lunchI cookeda boit of past with some tomato sauc and that was that.

The afternoon arrived and butby now we were begining to slowly get back into our normal watch routine (otther than the bad weather we were doing now) Andrew also managed to get alongh the deck and resecure the empty fuel drums that had ben dislodged.

BBC is definatly our for today, talked about, but rejected ,perhaps tomorrow.

The afternoon merged into the evening and apart from a couple of changes of tack, nothing to report. Our estimated arrival timne had been Wednesday just before it got dark, but now becauseof the wind changes causing us to tack etc., our new estimated timeof arrival will be sometime during Thursday mornimg.

Into the night watch patterns, whichh means, hopefully, each of us has a 6 hour slot so will be able to catch up with most of their lost Signing off

now, more tomorrow.

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