ARC Europe – Thursday 13th May 2010

Position @1200 UTC

32⁰ 11.32 N 64⁰ 42.91 W

Distance travelled last 24 hours:- 115 Nautical Miles

Had another very quiet night weather wise, little to no wind so engined all night. None of us went to bed as we were to excited to arrive in Bermuda, especially as we had been seeing the island since daysbreak.

To day is also the morning they are airlifting the crew member off “Whinbrel 11”, the boat is now within Helicopter range from Bermuda. It is amazing how much trouble they authorities have gone to. Bermuda does not have a helicopter so the USA Coast guard had to send one from Florida! but the distance being so great it had to fly to anUSA aircraft carrier to fuel up half way accross. This helicpoter was also shadowed all the way by a fixed wing to ensure it arrived OK. Once “Whindrel 11” was in range the chopter went out. The whole process has to be repeated in reverse to get everything back into place! I hate to think what the bill will be, ouch!

We had to check in with Bermuda radio 5 miles out then again when we got to the safe water mark. My My there are lots of rocks an reefs around but the channels rae well marked.

We crossed the line at 1130 hrs local time on engine, even though the wind had now got up and was trying to blow us back out to sea as we made our way through , what is known locally, as town cut. This is a channel cut troughinto abeautiful lagoon. Bermuda law says there is only one first port of call and that is Customs and Immigration: Once cleared in we were going to anchor but with around, 20 knots of wind whistling straight down the Lagoon, we went and moored alongside the wharf where the cruise liners and freighters moor up; much more comfortable! though a huge wall to scale when the tide is out!

Walked into St Georges to book into the office and pay our dues.

What a pretty place this is, very quaint, very british and colonial will take a lot of pictures.Lat afternoon we went to Rally control for a drink then Andrew and I were in need of fresh meat so went off looking for a Steak, which we duly found and enjoyed! A stroll back down town and into bed for the fist comfortable night for a wek.

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