ARC Europe – Friday 14th May 2010

Position @1200 UTC

32⁰ 22.73 N 64⁰ 40.80 W
St. Georger, Bermuda

Mushroom and Cheese Omlettes for breakfast, thank you Andrew, very nice.

Today we set about a number of jobs that need doing but to complete we need parts so I toddled off to Hamilton, (the capital) by bus as thats where the only two chandleries are on this island. I the all important pipe for the outlet side of the rear head but I couldnd’t get a new handle for the forward cabin hatch.I will change it with one on the rear cabin hatch, that way we can keep out the water. The rear hatch will be protected by the upside dingy that will be mounted on the coach roof.

I then spent about 3 hrs tramping the various streets and industrial estates looking for a new radiator cap, I went up hill and down dale,I must have walked a good 10 miles, stillit ws worth itas must have found the one and only on the Island!

Ferry back to St Georges and then a lift on the back of Lyall’s scooter to the Dingy club where the ARC was having a “do” tonight, “rum twizzlers” and snacks, very nice.

A slow visit to the white horse for a few more Gin & Tonics and back to Anam Cara and bed.

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