ARC Europe – Saturday 15th May 2010

Position @1200 UTC

32⁰ 22.73 N 64⁰ 40.80 W
St. Georger, Bermuda

Woke up to a cup of tea delivered to my bunk by the crew followed by a rendetion of “Happy Birthday” Cards followed and a bottle of “Tio Pepe” was given to me by the crew, wonderfull, especially as I had run out of Sherrry and Sunday was looming,”Wot No Sherry!” What good lads.

I had a call asking me to touch base with ARC Rally Control on channel 77 on VHF. I called in and next thing I heard was Rally Control played over the whole network, “Happy Birthday”

I was then taken out to lunch by Andrew & Chris, very nice and kind of them.. We had to be back to the boat by 1530as we had the crew of “Kir of Brixham” joining us for BBC. Todays BBC was Bond, (naturally) Birthday Cake, we watched Goldfinger. They had bought me a cake and some candles to go with it.

After they had gone, we had a rest befoire we met a crowd at the White Horse, (Our Local). Nick & Lyall also joind us, a great evening followed a great day, thank you all for making my day memorable.

Rolled into bed around mid night and slept well.

On the whole a quiet day on Anam Cara

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