ARC Europe – Saturday 12th June 2010

Position @ 1200 UTC

37⁰ 41.09 N 23⁰ 58.14 W

Nautical Miles travelled since Sau Miguel 92

Woke up for shift change at 0600 to no noise, great, engine off and cruising along at 6 knots.Chris then went down and left me to gaze at nothing. what wind there was was behaving itself, the seas fairly settled and there was no other boats around.

Vince poked his head up around 0800hrs still feeling queesy, so he lay in the cockpit.

The only distraction we had, and that only lasted a couple of minutes was a whale that came across our stern, sussed us out and went again,just as quickly as he had arived.

By 0900 hrs we were cold and hungry so knocked up paddy and she came up with an excellent cooked breakfast which we all devoured as if we hadn’t seen food for a week! First class. Vince, still not feeling right then went down to his bunk for an hour or so before taking over the watch from me, “baptisim by fire” for him I am afraid.

At about 1400 hrs we had to start the engine again. Our delema is simple we need to pass 20 degrees Longitude to start and get into the low pressure area to get sailing. Where we are at the moment towards the edge of the high, with wind veering wanting to push us South. Having left early we are effectivly out of the ARC cruising competition, so have no reason to struggle on, hence more frequent use of the engine. Once we cross the 20 degree spot we shold get some northely or even north easterly to push us south and then east again around Cape St Vincent.

The afternoon was diffeent, instead of our usual “BBC” The american influence kicked in and today we had “BP”,yes “BP”no not petrol but “Bond & Popcorn” different but nice. “Licensed to Kill” was the Bond,the second and last Timothy Dalton made.

Dinner tonight againprepared by Paddy was Pork chops and fried rice with salad,wentdown well but notwith Vince, he had visions of seeingiyagain so declined,lets hope he is better tomorrow.

Night watches kicked in and again a very quiet night, nothing about and doing around 6 knots.

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