ARC Europe – Friday 11th June 2010

38⁰ 39.01 N 27⁰ 13.12 W

Angra do Heroismo Marina
Terceira, The Azores

Up and about fairly early as we had things to do like washing, e mails, prepping the boat etc., and decide whether to leave today or with the rest tomorrow. There are several deciding factors and we will not have all the answere ’till about miday.

As you may be aware, Chris has a flight to catch but unfortunatly when this flight was booked the only 2 available were 19th and 22June. The 22nd June being Chris’ birthday and the big one!! he has to be back! so that left the 19th, very tight to make as well!

So, 1st important piece of information was how to get from Lagos to Faro and how long it takes. The prefered mode of travel is for Chris to go by train then bus to airport. Bottom line Chris has to be away fom the boat by 0700hrs 19th June.

2nd vital piece of information we were waiting for is the weather forecast to see where the winds, if any that is are coming from,this arrived at midday. Not good reading, as we have to go East but keeping North of the Rhumline to compensate for the Portugal current between 1/2and 1 knots yet having East, North East wind for the first alf of the crossing then hopefull backing to a north west wind,neither forecast as being strong. So i,t looks like a slow crossing.

Decision made, we will do skippers briefing, have dinner and away around 1900hrs,and that’s what we did only we had a slight delay, just as were about to cast off, Chris asked me where my Computer was, ugh in the cabin, no; ugh in the saloon, ugh in the cockpit no; then it dawned on me, I had taken it ccthe skippers briefing and left it there, safe and locked up! Oh dear, both Lyall and Rob whoses office it was, had gone off to do the prize giving at the last reception for all the crews before leaving The Azores. So I asked Paddy (send in the charm!!!v) to go the the presentations and get the key to his offive and retrieve.

Back to the boat and slipped the berth by 2000hrs, hours, 1 hour later than we planned but we were away on a fairly clear but cold night with engine full chat, half a main and half a jib; nothing to report!

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