ARC Europe – Monday 14th June 2010

Position @ 1200 UTC

37⁰ 23.10 N 18⁰ 06.20 W

Nautical Miles travelled inl ast 24 hrs:- 163

Woke up after a terrible night, rocking and rolling and having put in another reef. Iwas thrown outof bed several times.Themainproblem wth this boat on long journies especially when on prelongved Port tacksisallsafe sleping accomodation is made for Starbord tacks and because I have a gap betw M KNPen the bed and the cupboards I end up bouncoinjg on them with feet and legs dangeling off the end. There is a leecloth but it is such a long way from the head of the bed to the clip on the oppocsite wall that we can’t get sufficient torsion on the rope to hold me in. As I said a very
uncomfortable night, I will have to re engineer arrangement

Also woke up to 3spare diesel conainers hanging over theside. he aves are so styrong itis no wonder they went over. So Chris and Vince went up front to tie then back down. This was folllowed by home made Purple soup, very nice, maybe Pqaddy will publish the receipy

Bond “Tomorrow Never Dies” followed and he was accompanied by Popcon, “BP”

Night watcheds kicked in and we headed for another very nasty, wet, un-comfortgable miseableb b….y night, still I made some brownee’s y7esterday and sprits are still high. We will see what tomorrow brings forth !

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