ARC Europe – Tuesday 15th June 2010

Position @ 1200 UTC

37⁰ 08.73 N 15⁰ 33.76 W

Nautical Miles travelled in last 24 hrs:- 156

Well here we go again, after another rough night of discomfort for all, morning shifts arrived with strillgrey clouds,high seas and yes, wind from the North East. Today we should pass the first of the 3 sea mountains known as “Banco de Josine!eph.The next 2 are dabout 150 miles furtrher on. Though they are nowhere near the surface, all ships are advised togive thme awide berthas they can cause turbuliance under water. Also, between these two mountains is the shipping lane, 1 lane 2 directions;North & so they will be busy..

We had to pump out the bilge; rather strange as we did it before we left Sau Miguell, mind you we have had horrendus waves over the bowes and on the Port side, both swamping the boat. The fuel drums also had moved again; yesterday Vince and Chris secured them so today it was Vince and me: It was also my turn to switch on the generator, unfortunatly I also had to re-fill the derv tank!

Much of the day as all others with Bond and popcorn at1600hr ,dinner and night watches. Extra vigilance tonight as we will surely met other ships.

Sure enough, 1/2an hour before my watch ended and I caught site of some big carrier. Unfortunatly we were heading for a collision andI I don’t think there was anybody on the bridge.Any way after seeing the red light for so long. I suddenly noticed the green;hed had changed course,wow that was close,he passed asternoofusabout 1/2 a mile. What will tomorrow bring to us, respite from this weather? I wonder

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