ARC Europe – Thursday 6th May 2010

Position of Start line, directly of Nanny Quay.

Start Time 1200hrs

The day has arrived, after much talking and preperation, we are nearly ready
to go. Up at 0600hrs to finish those last minue things like top up the water
tanks, load the dingey, paying the Marina for the electricity and water,
final check-in at the ARC offices witrh passports, buy the last pint of
fresh milk and then wait ’till the time arives to leave our slip.

Good bye’s and best wishes to everybody all round and at 1110 hrs lines
slipped and off the pontoon and out of the Marina.towards the start line.
We had a master plan to hit the start running at full speed, so set
ourselves up, sails out and engine off ready at the five minute gun, judged
the distance and running time to the start line and when we were happy went
for it, yes I thought we are just right to cross the line as the start gun
goes off; but where has the wind gone. Here were 27 boats gunning and I
don’t think anybody crossedthe line when the gun went off, we were all
slowed down! still we were on our way heading East to clear Great Thatch
Island before turning North passing the west end of Josh Van Dyke on out
Starboard side.

At this point I elected to prepare lunch. I had planned to make a Lasagne
before we left but timew as against us so set-to now. Forrtunatly I had it
all made and in the oven just as we had cleared all the islands and settled
downi to a Starboard tac, Main, Genoa and staysai all outl. Healed over
fairly well so glad Lasagne was in the oven! and we were travelling betwen
6.5 and 7.5knots. Very satisfying.

Both Chris and Andrew were struggling to find their sea legs, no doubt they
will return by tomorrow!

We eat our Lasagne rather on the hoof but the good news was it was eaten,
cleared away and washing up completed before nightfall.

We started our watch patters soon after leaving Nanny Qual doing 3 hours
each between 2100 hrs and0600 hrs. We each also do a 5 hour daylight watch,
so everything should be OK.

Weaqther, sunnny with an average of 12 to 15 knots of wind, cloudy patches
but very warm. Seastate comfortable and Anam Cara set up beautyfully, well
balanced and hardley dropping below 7 knots.

Following the work done yesterdayby George on Gweorge, autohelm working a
treat, best it has done since w havew owned the boat.

I am on at 2100 hrs so will go and grab a coupleof hrs zzzz before I take

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